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Questions and Answers

Q: Will this replace the Lobo shield or University seal?

A: No. This logo would replace the Mesa Vista Hall logo, the University's official logo. 

current and new logos displayed side by side

It would not impact the University's official seal, commercial seal or athletics Lobo shield.

official seal commercial seal and athletics shield

Q: What about the school's distinctive architecture? 

A: The Pueblo Adobe Revival architectural style is a part of the UNM brand, and continues to be reflected in the brand style and marketing strategy of the University. However, UNM is more than a collection of buildings. It is a hub for progression, where students and faculty can come together to explore. The UNM logo must reflect the overall spirit of the institution, which is not confined to a single building.

Q: Why not create an identity in-house or using local talent?

A: We did not want a design that would represent one individual’s interpretation of what the visual identity for UNM should look like based on his/her personal connection to the university. We wanted an overall UNM interpretation gleaned from research, as well as input from the many groups that have a vested interest in the outcome.

Torch Creative was selected to create the new UNM logo because of their extensive experience in logo design. Torch has worked with clients including Rice University, Louisiana State University, University of Utah and Disney, to name a few.

Q: How much did the proposed new logo cost?

A: The University has paid Torch Creative about $12,000 to date. This cost included 20 potential logo designs, of which one was selected by the Visual Identity Committee to be refined.

This is a considerably less than many peer universities spend for new logos, which has exceeded $100,000 for some institutions.