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Visual Identity Timeline

The new UNM logo would be implemented over a 5-year period, which allows for the current logo to be phased out through attrition. 
No department will be required to replace or discard existing materials. New and reordered business cards, uniforms, signs and other materials bearing a UNM logo will use the new mark.Timeline for logo presentation and implementation.

Introduction Phase (April – June)

  • April 10 - Proposed logo is presented to HSC core leadership
  • April 26 - Proposed logo is presented to Alumni Association Board, Executive Committee
  • April 28 - UNM Visual Identity Presentation is given to the campus community
  • May 19 - Proposed logo is presented to UNM Foundation Board of Trustees
  • May 19 - Proposed logo is presented to North Campus at HSC staff appreciation lunch
  • May 25 - Proposed logo is presented to Dean's Council
  • May - Community feedback and implementation participation feedback is reviewed
  • June - University Communication & Marketing (UCAM) will meet with various offices to discuss logo implementation

Build (July)

  • School, college and departmental logos are created
  • Visual Identity style guidelines are developed

Rollout (August)

  • Digital communications (including social media), signs and advertising are updated
  • Introduction to retail and promotional items
  • Brand Style Guide is updated

Year 1

  • New brand collateral includes logo (including UNM commercial)
  • School, college and departmental logos delivered throughout fall
  • Logo replaces Mesa Vista Hall mark on new orders (stationary, uniforms, signs, promotional items, etc.)

Details on school, college, unit and department logos will be available here following the introduction stage.